Arnold Palmer Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

Arnold Palmer, one of the greatest athletes, had an estimated net worth of $700 million at the time of his death.

Arnold Palmer was a professional golfer and businessman from the United States.

Among his many victories and titles, he has 62 wins and 10 championships on the PGA Tour.

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Palmer is known for his accomplishments as a golfer and as a member of golf’s “Big Three.”

Arnold Palmer
Arno Palmer (Source: Pinterest)

he married Jack Nicklaus Gary Player. These three of his key figures helped popularize and commercialize the sport around the world.

The charismatic golfer was born on September 10, 1929 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Palmer learned how to play golf from his talented father.


Let’s take a look at Arnold Palmer’s personal life.

full name Arnold Daniel Palmer
known as King Arnold Palmer
date of birth September 10, 1929
place of birth Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA
right of residence manhattan
die September 25, 2016
Country of Citizenship American
Race White
sex Man
Horoscope Virgo
father Deacon Palmer
mother Doris Palmer
relationship status marriage
wives Winifred Walzer (1954-1999)
Katherine Goslop (M 2005)
child Peggy, Amy
expensive 5 feet 10 inches
weight 84kg
eye color blue
hair color light blonde
educate Wake Forest University
Profession professional golfer
Social media Instagram
net worth $700 million
merchandise Autographed magazine and live photo
latest update July 2023

Arnold Palmer: Net Worth and Earnings

Arnold Palmer had a net worth of $700 million at the time of his death.

During his 52-year PGA Tour and Champions Tour career, Palmer has earned $3.6 million in prize money.

However, his business skills have increased his career earnings to $875 million, including sponsorship, performance, licensing and course design fees.

Only Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods earned more than Palmer in 2017.

Palmer earned an estimated $40 million in the last 12 months and remained a popular figure even after his death.

Of all the celebrities who died, only Michael Jackson earned more.

According to Forbes, Palmer is the 13th highest-paid athlete in the world.

Arnold Palmer Net Worth in Other Currencies

Let’s take a look at Arnold Palmer’s net worth in multiple currencies and cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

currency net worth
EUR 595,096,390 Euro
GBP £504,504,560
Australian dollar 951,631,100 Australian dollars
Canadian Dollar 878,825,500 Canadian dollars
indian rupee 52,148,250,000 rupees
Bitcoin ฿16,108

Arnold Palmer: House and Car


This golfer has a huge real estate portfolio.

let’s see:

Pennsylvania House

Arnold Palmer once lived across the street near Latrobe Country Club in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

This 3 bedroom, 4 bath home sits on 0.58 acres.

Wood frame construction, wood floors, oak trim, and a built-in wardrobe with wet bar and entertainment center add to the comforts of the home.

Arnold Palmer House
Arnold Palmer House, Pennsylvania (Source: Youtube)

The home sold for over $1 million last year and is currently on the market for $880,000.

At first glance, Palmer seems to be living an affluent life, but his heart is never extravagant, and wherever he appears, he has the image of an “ordinary person.”

Chestnut Street House

The house is located at 33 Chestnut Street in Providence, Rhode Island.

Only one of the four classic homes remains today.

It was moved to its current location in 1967 as part of the Weiboset Hill Urban Revitalization Project.

Anard Palmer House 2
Arnold Palmer House (Source: Pinterest)

The house is a two-story brick house with five windows and a microdisplay on top of the hipped roof.

Four chimneys stand from the side walls.

The main entrance is surrounded by side windows, surmounted by a fan window and protected by a portico supported by a pair of Ionic columns.

In 1972, the house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

private plane

King has a passion for jet flying.

In fact, Arnold Palmer’s official website lists airplanes as Palmer’s third favorite passion, after his wife and golf.

Mr. Palmer has flown numerous private jets, including the Citation X.

anard palmer jeter
Arnold and his jet (Source: Pinterest)

This private jet ended production in 2018, but is still very popular among owners.

The Citation X has a crew of two, can carry up to 12 passengers and has a top speed of 1,127 km/h.

It has a swept wing design and is priced at approximately $23.3 million.


The King was always seen driving gracefully.

He owns a collection of several luxury cars.

But his favorite is the Buick Lucerne.

The Buick Lucerne is a high-end luxury car.

Produced by General Motors from 2005 to 2011.

MSRPs for the 2011 Lucerne range from around $30,500 for the base CX to around $46,000 for the premium version.

He is also a spokesperson for Cadillac.

Arnold Palmer: Lifestyle and Holidays

Immortal golfer Arnold Palmer lived a life of luxury.

He met Winifred Walzer at a game in Eastern Pennsylvania.

they got married soon after. Mrs. Palmer died of cancer on November 20, 1999.

On January 26, 2005, Mr. Palmer married his second wife, Kathleen Gothrop, in a secret ceremony in Hawaii.

Arnold Palmer family
Old photo of Arnold Palmer and family (Source: Pinterest)

The Palmer family has two children, Peggy and Amy.

The golfer was always a homely person who valued his family.

He is very energetic and takes great care of his health.

Because he has battled many serious health problems.


Arnold has traveled to almost every country on earth.

He is sociable and loves to travel.

He also shared many memorable trips with his family.

Arnold Palmer: Philanthropy

Palmer is a very generous and kind person.

During his lifetime, Palmer donated more than $70 million to Orlando Health.

Palmer founded Ani Army Charitable Foundation Please help children and teens.

Projects the Foundation is responsible for include:

  • Winnie Palmer Women’s Baby Hospital Center
  • Howard Phillips Children and Family Center
  • Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital
  • Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve.

Arnold Palmer: Investments and Endorsements


Palmer owns a range of businesses, many of which are golf-related.

In Orlando, Florida, he owns the Bay Hill Club and Hotel.

He also owns Latrobe Country Club, which he purchased in 1971.

Anora Trove Country Club
View of Anard Latrobe Country Club (Source: Pinterest)

Arnold was one of the founding members of Sports Network Golf Channel.

Palmer’s Curriculum Design

Likewise, he owns the Palmer Course Design Company.

Palmer Course Design was founded in 1972 by him and his design partner Ed Seay.

The company changed its name to Arnold Palmer Designs in 2006.

Palmer works as a designer and has designed more than 300 golf courses in 37 states, 25 countries and 5 continents.

These include China’s first modern golf course, built in 1988.

Automotive business

In 1974 Palmer also entered the automotive industry.

He bought a Cadillac dealership in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In this business, he and Mark McCormack and Don Massey.

He also owns several dealers in various states.

he founded in his hometown Arnold Palmer Motorsis a Buick Cadillac dealer.

Arnold Palmer Motors
Arnold Palmer Motors (Source: Facebook)

After 36 years of service, Latrobe ceased operations in 2017.

Arnold Palmer Enterprises oversees all of Palmer’s sponsorships, trademarks, endorsement agreements and commercial partnerships.


The drink known as the Arnold Palmer is one of his most famous drinks.

This drink is a mixture of iced tea and lemonade.

Palmer is known to order and eat this unique concoction frequently.

Known for its refreshing taste and refreshing after a round of golf.

The Arizona Beverage Company has been selling cocktail mixes under the Arnold Palmer brand since 2002.

arnold palmer drinker
Arnold Palmer’s drink (Source: Pinterest)

The container contains Palmer’s photo and signature.

Last year, Arizona Beverages produced 500 million cans of the brand’s beverages.

The company targets customers between the ages of 13 and 35.

60-70% of customers associate the drink with Palmer’s name, not Palmer’s credit.

Nestea, Lipton Brisk and Snapple also sell the drink.

However, it uses the Arnold Palmer brand for marketing.


Take your golfing frenzy to the next level.

In Asia, Arnold Palmer clothing is available in over 400 specialty stores.

It is currently looking to expand into other markets such as Thailand and Vietnam.

His property has entered into agreements with 39 licensees.


Arnold Palmer is a brand that represents the evolution of sports.

In 1967 Palmer entered the world of automotive marketing, appearing in TV commercials for the Ford Mercury Cougar and Monterey.

He also served as Mercury’s publicist until 1972.

In addition, Cadillac began offering the Arnold Palmer Signature trim level on select vehicles and featured Palmer in television commercials.

He joined the Cadillac team and endorsed it by wearing the Cadillac badge on his sleeve while racing.

Palmer’s relationship with Hertz began in 1983 when they co-starred with OJ Simpson in commercials, print and radio commercials.

Arnold Palmer: Biography

Palmer learned the game from his father, who was head pro and greenman at Latrobe Country Club.

He then enlisted in the United States Coast Guard, serving from 1951 to 1954.

After serving in the Coast Guard, he returned to college to play competitive golf.

Arnold Palmer won seven Grand Slam titles in his illustrious career.

He won four Masters titles, two Open titles and one U.S. Open title.

The 1960 U.S. Open at Cherry Hill was perhaps the most important milestone in Arnold Palmer’s career, as he won his first and only U.S. Open title.

The Arnold Palmer Invitational is a PGA Tour event started by Palmer in 1979 and renamed in his honor in 2007.

Palmer made a big impression on the PGA Tour by winning the Canadian Open in his first season in 1955.

It was his first of 62 wins on the PGA Tour and ranks him fifth all-time in the category.

Ten years later, at the 1958 Masters, “The King” won its first major title.

He became a celebrity not only in golf but also in sports, which was a remarkable achievement for the time.

Facts about Arnold Palmer

  • Palmer obtained a pilot’s license to overcome a personal fear of flying. He has nearly 55 years of flying experience and in various aircraft he has flown nearly 20,000 hours.
  • There are 13 streets named after him.
  • In 2010, Arnold Palmer was named one of the 75 most dressed-up men of all time by Esquire magazine.


How did Arnold Palmer come up with the umbrella logo?

It’s actually a very interesting story. On that rainy day, frustrated by his inability to come up with an idea for a logo, Palmer went outside to help her recover. Inspired by a woman opening a colorful umbrella, she proposed it as a symbol.

Who Inherited Arnold Palmer’s Fortune?

Palmer’s widow, Katherine Palmer, received an inheritance of $10 million. His vast estate, which includes many homes and golf courses, will be split evenly between his two daughters, Peggy Palmer and Amy Palmer.

Did Arnold Palmer remarry after Winnie’s death?

Winnie died at the age of 65 after 45 years of marriage. Palmer married his second wife Katherine Gothlop.

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