Anna Matthews Suicide: Why Did She Kill Herself? Death And Obituary

The identity of the suicide victim is being sought by Anna Matthews, who has been a warden at St. Bene’s Church in central Cambridge for ten years.

From 2012 to 2019, she served as head of the parish priesthood. She completed her theological studies at Robinson College, Cambridge, then at Westcott House to prepare for her priesthood.

After her ordination in 2003, Anna completed her pastoral ministry at St. Lawrence Church, Langley, Abbotts, and spent six years as pastor at St. Albans Cathedral.

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Reverend Mark Oakley, spiritual director of Matthews Church and headmaster of St John’s College, Cambridge, spoke at communion service at St Bennett’s Church on Sunday (March 12) at 10:00 am.

He reminded them that their mission was serious and that their constant cynicism and prejudice never clouded the great honor and responsibility of ours. He described the Matthews Collegiate as being a pastor’s priest.

Canon’s Kevin Walton called the news “shocking” on Thursday. She loved her and gave her all to the land and people as much as she still loves her.

St Bennett’s College is administered by Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Rev. Andrew Davidson, president of Corpus Christi and her longtime partner at Matthews Church, called her an ideal all-rounder on Thursday.

She is a very talented pastor and a great preacher. She is intelligent and organized. She is and she is an excellent cook.

Anna Matthews committed suicide. why did she commit suicide?death and obituary

Unfortunately, as of this writing, not much information has been found about Anna Matthew’s suicide, as the investigation is still ongoing.

However, Matthew’s suicide has been confirmed, and many verified sources confirm it. Nonetheless, “Why did she kill herself?” “There are still answers. Not many details about Matthew’s suicide are known, as the case was not made public.

Anna Matthews commits suicide
People were devastated to learn of Anna Matthews’ suicide. (sauce: twitter)

The coroner’s report is the result of lengthy investigations and investigations and has not yet been made public. Until then, no more reliable information is available.

With the suicide of Anna Matthews, Anna’s family is going through a difficult time. So it’s our responsibility to give them the privacy they want.

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Learn more about Anna Matthews

Anna Matthews graduated with a diploma from Basik High School in Bridgeport. After she graduated from high school, she earned her degree in fashion merchandising from the University of Bridgeport and then worked as a manager at Learners.

She also worked alongside her beloved brother Al for many years, helping him run his catering business. Nothing makes her happier than having dinner with her family and going to church on Sundays.

Her cooking skills are highly regarded. She was raised by her parents, who were immigrants to the country, in a home where her family and religion were very important.

Anna Matthews commits suicide
Anna Matthews is a priest of the Church of St. Venezia. (Source: St. Benitz Church)

She was an active member of the St. Nicholas Women’s Auxiliary Society, and one of her main responsibilities was to painstakingly prepare meals for various church functions.

She is famous for her recipes and is happy to share them with anyone who calls or visits her home. Her four children are all part of her living family.

Anna’s brothers Joseph and John died before Anna. After her death, the only people who remember her are her beloved sister-in-law, her brother Al, and her sister Mary.

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