Ania And Zizou Video Viral On Twitter: Instagram And Telegram Update

Ania and Zizou videos go viral on Twitter: People are searching for Ania and Zizou videos. Here’s what we know about the headline-making couple.

Ania and Zizou are no strangers to us, especially TikTok users. A well-known social media influencer is currently in trouble after a private video went viral.

On March 14th, 2023, the couple was horrified as victims of a Snapchat hack. Here’s all about the couple’s viral videos and recent updates.

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Ania and Ziz videos go viral on Twitter

The topic has gone viral recently with sexual videos of Anya and Ziz going viral on social media.

Justt–Aniaa and Justt__Zizou are influencers and their private videos Their names have been leaked and are making headlines.

According to Yahoo, Zizu’s Snapchat account was hacked and he is now facing a problem of his private clips being leaked onto the internet. On March 14, 2023, Ania and Zizou experienced a terrible riot.

Anya and Jiz
Social media users tweeted about Ania and Zizou. (sauce: twitter)

After the hack, their videos were leaked to many social media platforms including Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Many unverified sources also publish news related to this topic, most of which share fake videos.

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Ania and Zizou Instagram and Telegram updates

As mentioned earlier, Aniaa and Zizou’s intimate video went viral on many social media platforms including Telegram and Instagram.

So the influencer’s fans and followers became interested in the gossip and started asking questions. At first, both of them kept their mouths shut and didn’t react.

After the video leaked, numerous Instagram accounts were created under the couple’s name. As far as we know, Telegram was also featured in the video, but both reveal that the incident happened after Zizou’s Snapchat account was hacked.

This clearly states that people should not record their private moments or share them on social media, and it is not safe in the current situation.

The same thing happened to TikTok stars Ania and Zizou. A few days later, Ania spoke publicly about the matter and explained everything.

Arnia’s response to viral videos: latest update

On March 17, 2023, Ania shared an update to her 2 million TikTok followers about an ongoing rumor that the video was leaked. She tearfully said she wanted to clarify everything about the scandal.

People also claimed Arnia was forced to appear in the video, but the TikTok star said Ziz never forced her to make the video.

They then decided to keep it secret and safe. However, when Ziziou’s Snapchat account was hacked, the video circulated on social media was leaked.

A few days later, Ania announced that she was taking further action on the issue and asked everyone to stop sharing the video.

Anya and Jiz
Ania and Zizou are famous TikTok stars. (Source: Trivedi Technology)

Then came the news that the TikTok stars had filed a cybercrime complaint. This clearly indicates that those engaged in such activities face legal action.

Needless to say, the maximum penalty for publishing sexual content without consent is two years in prison and a fine of €60,000.

So, the social media star will definitely take legal action if he doesn’t stop this kind of behavior. So please also stop sharing videos or links that affect the reputation of Ania and Ziz.

The two often create exciting videos, They have millions of followers on TikTok.

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