Angus Cloud And Zendaya Dating Rumours: Realtionship With Sydney Martin

The American actor, Angus, passed away at the age of 25. Here is everything on Angus Cloud and Zendaya dating rumours. Was he single or dating?

The American actor Angus Cloud gained much fame for his portrayal in the HBO television series Euphoria where he played the role of Fezco. 

Apart from that, Angus was also credited for his roles in the independent films North Hollywood (2021) and The Line (2023). Cloud was set to star in Freaky Tales, which fans mostly awaited. 

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Likewise, Cloud also made a valuable appearance in music videos by Noah Cyrus, Juice WRLD, Becky G and Karol G, from where he gained much recognition. 

The actor is currently trending on the internet as the American entertainment industry lost another talented star at such young age. Prayers and condolences are poured through social media posts online.

Angus Cloud And Zendaya Dating Rumours

Following the sudden demise of Angus, fans have been asking many questions regarding his relationship.

For your information, the late actor was said to be in a relationship with some Euphoria co-stars.

He was linked romantically with some actresses. Meanwhile, some say that Cloud may have dated Zendaya too, but there is no truth about it.

There are no facts about the two stars dating each other. However, it can be said that they had a good relationship as they shared the same screen.

Angus Cloud And Zendaya dating rumours
Angus Cloud was rumored to be in e relationship with Sydney Martin. (Source: Instagram)

Further, both of them never talked much about their rumors. From this, it becomes clear that they preferred to keep their mouth shut rather than address anything about the rumors that circulated on the internet without any truth.

Moreover, despite being linked with various Euphoria actresses, Cloud did not have a confirmed affair with any. Apart from that, Zendaya is reported to be dating her boyfriend, Tom Holland.

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Angus Cloud Realtionship With Sydney Martin

Many names were connected with Angus Cloud. However, the fans were crazy to see the Angus Cloud and Sydney Martin pair. 

Further, Sydney is a model who appeared in the second-season episode of Euphoria. The couple also shared a beautiful picture on Instagram, taking away their fans’ hearts.

In 2022, the model shared mirror selfies of herself and Angus beaming while she put a hand around his neck which she captioned, ‘Euphoria is out in 2 days.’

Angus Cloud relationship with Sydney Martin
Sydney Marin shared an Ig story after hearing the news about Angus Cloud. (Source: Daily Mail)

Throughout his active years, the actor was linked with multiple co-actress, and he often made the media headlines regarding his romantic life. 

Martin is shocked and saddened to know the news, and she shared a sad message in her Instagram Stories after the news broke.

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Was Angus Cloud Dating Before His Death?

Angus Cloud was single at the time of his death. However, multiple names were linked with his co-stars, but he never had an official relationship with them. 

Cloud was a friendly nature persona, and he loved being around people, which is why many hearts were broken after his death news was confirmed. 

Angus Cloud dating before his death
Angus Cloud was leading a single life at the time of his death. (Source: Variety)

Multiple artists have shared many prayers and condolences, and Euphoris stars rushed to share their condolences and tributes to the late actor.

Additionally, Drake, the executive producer of the hit HBO series, posted a photo of Angus and wrote that he was a ‘Good soul,’ seen in 2019 in LA. 


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