Amadou Thiam Death And Obituary: Coney Island Missing Swimmer Found Dead

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During this challenging period, our thoughts and prayers go out to all mourning Amadou Thiam’s family and their loss.

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Let us hold onto our cherished memories and find comfort in Amadou Thiam’s impact on his family and close friends’ lives.

However, circumstances may prevent some from attending in person. Therefore, we provide this online platform to honor Amadou Thiam’s memory.

In just two days, a second swimmer has been reported missing. A teen was last spotted on Thursday in the waters off the coast of Coney Island.

As of Friday night, he has not been found. Jacob Riis Park is open every day of the week from 6 am to 10 p.m.

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Amadou Thiam Death And Obituary Details

Amadou Thiam death shocked everyone; he was just a teenager. Amadou, 19, has been identified by police as the guy who passed away on Friday after being taken from the water in Jacob Riis Park.

A teen swimmer who went missing in the water off a Queens beach on Friday night sparked an extensive and frantic search by helicopters and drones, and he has since passed away.

Beachgoers discovered the body at Jacob Riis Park and immediately took the man, later identified as Amadou Thiam, to Coney Island Hospital.

Amadou Thiam Death
Amadou Thiam death has devastated his family and friends. (Source: Canva)

Officials reported that he was later declared deceased.

On Friday, the victim was cooling off with four other companions when he became entangled in a strong rip current.

The teen had vanished in the strong rip current in the Rockaways, and they had just called off a lengthy search.

After the swimmer washed back close to where he had vanished hours before, divers sprinted to the surf.

Their hearts are heavy with grief as they grapple with the unimaginable pain of saying goodbye to their beloved Amadou.

Coney Island Missing Swimmer Amadou Thiam Found Dead

The teenager was missing in the Rockaways for several hours due to a severe rip current, but the search for him has just been suspended.

On Friday night, an adolescent swimmer reported missing in the water off a Queens beach sparked a vast and urgent search involving helicopters and drones.

Sadly, the adolescent was discovered deceased. He was later found to be dead, according to the officials.

The victim, Amadou Thiam, was taken to Coney Island Hospital after bystanders found his body at Jacob Riis Park on the beach.

After being swept away by a powerful rip current, the man drowned on Friday while having fun in the sea with four other friends.

Five teenagers ran into the water when Harold Miles was present, but only four returned.

Amadou Thiam death
Amadou Thiam, 19, passes away in Queens after being dragged from the ocean. (Source: Yahoo! News)

Nixon said, “Water is more vital than you, whether or not you can swim. In the past two days, a second swimmer has vanished.

A teenager vanished on Thursday in the vicinity of Coney Island. He was still missing as of Friday evening.

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