Alexandra Ryabova Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Italian Astronaut Paolo Nespoli Moglie?

Alexandra Ryabova’s Wikipedia is no longer available. Find out more about Paola Nespoli Mogire (meaning her wife) and her age in the article below.

Paolo Nespoli, also known as Major Paolo Angelo Nespoli, is a renowned astronaut and engineer for the European Space Agency (ESA).

In 2007, the astronauts entered orbit for the first time aboard STS-120 as mission specialists on the Space Shuttle Discovery.

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In December 2010, Paul made his second orbital flight aboard the Soyuz TMA-20 spacecraft as an aeronautical engineer on Expedition 26/27. Nespoli made his third spaceflight on Soyuz MS-05, launched in July 2017 for Expedition 52/53.

Nespoli was also the oldest astronaut still employed by the European Space Agency until the engineer retired in 2019.

Astronauts also hold Professional Engineer, Private Pilot, Nitrox Diver and Expert Scuba Diver certifications.

Thanks to his military training, Nespoli is also a Skydiver Master, Skydiving Instructor, Skydiving Master, High Altitude Low Flyer and Special Forces Operator of the 9th Parachute Command Regiment.

Alexandra Ryabova Wikipedia

As mentioned in the paragraph above, Alexandra Ryabova’s Wikipedia page is currently unavailable.

Therefore, people find it difficult to get Alexandra Ryabova’s personal information because Alexandra Ryabova does not exist on Wikipedia.

Alexandra Ryabova doesn’t have a Wikipedia, but she created her own professional LinkedIn profile where she lists her experiences.

According to Ryabova’s LinkedIn profile, she is from Como, Lombardy, Italy. again,[経験]From the tab, Paul’s wife worked for several companies.

Alexandra Ryabova Wikipedia
Alexandra Ryabova tried to touch her husband Paolo Nespoli from the outside. (Source: Alamy)

Alexandra is currently a Recruitment Agent for the Liberty Organization since November 2021. Prior to that, Mr. Ryabova worked full-time as Managing Director at Mama Mashi Ltd. Co. from March 2010 until he was in May 2019.

In the past, Paolo’s wife also worked full-time at Restlend as Marketing Director and Marketing Manager for three years.

In addition, Alexandra gained extensive experience working full-time as an administrative assistant at the European Space Agency for over two years from October 2001 to October 2003.

Ryabova has always lived a private life and has never spoken about her private life or family in the media. So, there are many details about her career but nothing about her life.

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Alexandra Ryabova Age: How old is she?

Alexandra Ryabova has always lived in the shadows and doesn’t reveal her age.

As previously mentioned, Leah Bova mentioned her professional details on her LinkedIn platform, but did not mention her age or other private details.

Alexandra Ryabova’s Wikipedia will make it easier for fans and people to get information about her.

However, judging from photos uploaded to the Internet, Riabois is estimated to be in her 50s. However, Alexandra has yet to reveal her age.

Ryabova is married to her husband, Paola Nespoli, with whom they have a daughter and a son.

Paolo Nespoli
Alexandra Ryabova’s husband, Paolo Nespoli, is an astronaut. (Source: sempreinter)

Crew member Alexandra of missions 52-53, Nespoli, was killed in public by Spotted on July 16 as he departed from the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia, to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. waved to

Alexandra Ryabova’s Wikipedia is not available, but her husband’s Wikipedia page contains a list of all his occupations, education and awards.

Alessandra’s husband was selected as an astronaut by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in July 1998, and then in August 1998 by the European Space Agency to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas for training. dispatched.

In 2013, Nespoli participated as a cave explorer in ESA CAVES training in Sardinia, along with colleagues Jeremy Hansen, Michael Barratt, Jack Fischer, Alexei Ovchinin and Satoshi Furukawa.

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