Aiden Fucci Trial: 16 Years Boy Arrested And Charged With First Degree Murder Of Tristyn Bailey

Aiden Fucci has been a danger while on the trail, engaging in fights with other prisoners.

Aiden is accused of telling the other prisoners that his blatant brutality was greater than their smaller transgressions. Staff members said the Florida teen threatened other prisoners with violence if they didn’t turn over items from their commissary.

When first looking into the crime, local law enforcement officials mentioned it as one of the most disturbing killings they had ever witnessed.

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Because St. Johns County does not have a juvenile wing in its jail, Fucci is being held there while he waits for his trial.

Aiden Fucci Trial: 16 Years Boy Arrested: What Did He Do?

Aiden Fucci, now 16 years old, has been arrested for stabbing classmate Tristyn Bailey 114 times in Durbin Crossing. It is a community close to Jacksonville.

Tristyn Bailey is remembered as someone who brought ‘life to everyone around her’ (Source:

Fucci, still a minor, is facing an adult criminal trial for a crime that shocked his normally quiet suburban neighborhood. Bailey’s body was discovered near her House in a wooded area next to a pond. Officials claim that despite suffering 49 defensive wounds to her hands, she resisted her murderer’s hysteria.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, she was last seen walking with Fucci in their Durbin Creek neighborhood shortly after 1 am on May 9 and had been briefly reported missing over Mother’s Day weekend in 2021.

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The Patriot Oaks Academy cheerleader’s body was discovered by a neighbor later that day around 6 o’clock in a wooded area.

Aiden Fucci Charge Details Explored

Two years after the death of Tristyn Bailey, a Florida teen accused of first-degree murder is being tried as an adult.

The alleged teen killer told friends he killed Bailey just half a mile from her home out of jealousy and even admitted to planning the murder. 

Over the past year, Fucci’s appearance has changed several times. He now has a buzz cut, and he kept his head down for most of Tuesday’s events.

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Shortly after his arrest, Fucci had a private attorney, but after being deemed indigent (unable to afford a lawyer of his own), the court-appointed a public defender, who will be paid for by the public, to represent him.

On February 6, jury selection will start at the St. Johns County Courthouse. It is anticipated to last the majority of the week.

Will Aiden Fucci Recieve A Death Penalty?

Aiden will be treated as an adult if this case goes to trial in November because a grand jury indicted him for first-degree murder. Still, he is not eligible for the death penalty, according to LaFonda Middleton, a criminal defense lawyer who has represented juveniles.

aiden fucci court
Aiden Fucci appears in court for a pretrial hearing May 5. (Source:

Fucci’s conduct in court has been inconsistent. At his last hearing, his middle finger had a cross tattoo on it.

He appeared alert during the pretrial hearing in October but kept quiet. The audience also included Bailey’s family members at that time. During a fictitious pretrial hearing, Fucci spoke of demons in September while displaying perplexity.

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According to court documents, Fucci’s girlfriend reportedly told an investigator that he would hear voices telling him to kill people. Additionally, according to the investigators, Fucci had a notebook with images of Satan and violence.

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