Adriana Davidson Autopsy: Who Are Her Parents? Father John Davidson And Mother

Adriana Davidson’s body underwent an autopsy by the Washtenaw County Medical Examiner.

An online petition that criticizes Police departments for how they handled the disappearance and death of Adriana Davidson, a 15-year-old Ann Arbor Pioneer High School student, has garnered close to 7,000 signatures.

After going missing for more than two days, Davidson was discovered dead on Monday in the early afternoon on the high school’s grounds.

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The Ann Arbor Police and Pioneer High School administrators are harshly criticized for handling Davidson’s disappearance in the petition, which appears to have been started by one of her classmates.

The AAPS community must unite at this time, concentrate on supporting Addy’s family, and ensure that all of the Pioneer students, employees, and the Ann Arbor community continue to support Addy and her family.

Adriana Davidson Autopsy Details

The Washtenaw County Medical Examiner performed an autopsy on Adriana Davidson, but the results were not made public immediately.

According to the online petition, changes are reportedly required to address student mental health issues.

michigan teen body found
Adriana Davidson was found dead near her Michigan high school. (Source: nypost)

Superintendent of Ann Arbor Public Schools Jeanice Kerr Swift said in a statement on Tuesday that district staff started collaborating with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office as soon as Davidson went missing and kept doing so all weekend.

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Superintendent of Ann Arbor Public Schools Jeanice Kerr Swift acknowledged that everyone was grieving the loss of Addy and that this anguish can occasionally cause people to spread rumors and false information. She continued by saying that they should keep their attention on the tragic loss of little Addy.

Adriana Davidson Parents Are Devastated

Adriana Davidson’s parents have been mourning for their daughter and are devastated after knowing the truth.

Davidson’s friends claim they last saw the Scio Township teen around 11 am on the same day, outside Pioneer High School, while her family claims they last spoke to her at around 9 am on Friday.

Although she was reported missing by her family early on Saturday morning, her body wasn’t found until Monday afternoon, allegedly under the bleachers.

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According to the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, which is looking into her disappearance, and the Ann Arbor Police, handling the investigations into her death, there doesn’t seem to have been any foul play.

What Adriana Davidson Father Has To Say About Her

In an effort to find their missing sister and daughter, Adriana Davidson, 15, also known as Addy, the brothers Anthony Lopez and Michael Sugano, as well as Father John Davidson, huddled together on Sunday afternoon while crying.

John Davidson 38
Adriana Davidson and her father John Davidson when she was younger. (Source:

Adriana Davidson left for school at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor on Friday morning, according to Davidson, who claimed to have last heard from her then. She rides the “The Ride” public bus in Ann Arbor.

According to Addy’s brother, she is extremely intelligent. She had cardboard and scissors for building arms, and she was seven years old. She just has this unwavering affection for animals, and she keeps her cat around.

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He went on to say that he knew she missed them just as much as they missed her. Her family appreciates everyone who is giving.

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