Abdulbaki Erol Wikipedia And Age: Death Cause And Obituary

Following the death of the prominent Sheikh from Turkey, people, mostly religious people, are searching Abdulbaki Erol Wikipedia.

Menzil Sheikh Seyyid Abdulbaki Erol was a prominent figure in the Menzil sect, also known as the Nakşibendi sect, centered in Adıyaman, Turkey.

He was born on May 2, 1949, in Menzil Village of the Kahta district in Adıyaman. His father was Sayyid Abdulhakim al-Huseyni.

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Following his father’s demise, Abdulbaki’s older brother Seyyid Muhammed Raşid Erol, took care of the position.

Sadly, after Seyyif passed away on October 22, 1993, Abdulbaki Erol assumed the sheikh role for the Menzil sect.

His death has arrived as a shock to many people who were close to him and followed his principles. Let’s learn more about Abdulbaki Erol.

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Abdulbaki Erol Wikipedia And Age

Abdulbaki Erol did not have a wikipedia page; nevertheless, more than one web portal has covered his deeds throughout his life.

The noted Turkish Sheik was born on May 2, 1949, and died on July 12, 2023. Erol was 74 when he died.

Abdulbaki Erol was believed to be the 30th descendant or “navel grandson” of the Prophet Muhammad.

Abdulbaki Erol Wikipedia
Born on May 2, 1949, Abdulbaki Erol was 74 when he died (Source: ODATV)

He received his Arabic and religious sciences education at his father’s madrasah in their village and continued his studies in Siirt and Van.

As the sheikh of the Menzil sect, Erol held significant influence. The sect was named after the village of Menzil in the Kahta district of Adıyaman, where it was founded.

As mentioned earlier, after his father, Sayyid Abdulhakim al-Husyeni, passed away in 1972, Abdulbaki Erol took over the sheik role.

His brother, Seyyid Muhammed Rasid, had led the sect after their father’s passing.

Abdulbaki Erol officially became the sheikh on October 22, 1983, and under his leadership, the sect continued to grow and expand.

Abdulbaki Erol Death Cause And Obituary

Abdulbaki Erol passed away on July 12, 2023, while receiving treatment at Emsey Hospital in Pendik, Istanbul.

The specific details of his illness leading to his death have not been mentioned in the reports published.

However, it is known that in his youth, Abdulbaki battled tuberculosis and received treatment in Ankara, eventually recovering.

After his death, the search for his life and teachings surge is primarily driven by religious individuals seeking to learn more.

In the wake of Sheikh Abdulbaki Erol’s passing, heartfelt tributes pour in as the world mourns the loss of an esteemed spiritual leader.

Abdulbaki Erol Wikipedia
The death cause of Abdulbaki Erol has not been disclosed (Source:

His profound influence and teachings touched the lives of countless individuals, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

As the news of his departure spreads, people eagerly await details of the funeral arrangements, which have not yet been disclosed.

Abdulbaki Erol was highly respected within the Menzil sect and was known as Gavs-I Sani.

In this role, he was seen as someone who represented the Prophet Muhammad and had attained a significant spiritual status.

“Cavs-I Sani” describes individuals who hold this esteemed position, symbolizing their deep connection with the Prophet and their elevated spiritual level.

It is a title given to those who have surpassed the “Qutb” rank, representing the scholars representing the Prophet.

The position of Gavs-I Sani signifies a special authority and spiritual guidance, with the person in this position, believed to be a perfect human being.

Among his seven caliphs, two surviving caliphs are descendants of his five sons, namely Sayvid Muhammed Saki and Sayyid Muhammed Fattah.

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