48 Hours Gregory Bender Trial And Verdict: Murder Case Update

After 48 hours of police investigation, Gregory Bender trial case has now come to an end. Let’s find out about his verdict on the murder case update. 

The murder of Patrick De La Cerda sent shockwaves through the community of Deltona, Florida, in February 2018.

The case gained national attention due to its chilling nature and the involvement of Gregory Bender, the ex-boyfriend of De La Cerda’s fiancée, Jessica Devnani.

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This article provides an update on the Gregory Bender trial and verdict, shedding light on the latest developments in the murder case.

Gregory Bender Trial

Following his arrest, Gregory Bender faced trial for the murder of Patrick De La Cerda.

The trial lasted for several weeks, during which the prosecution presented compelling evidence linking Bender to the crime.

Gregory Bender Trial
Gregory Bender is convicted of Patrick De La Cerda’s death by killing. Source: CBS News

They showcased the handwritten notes found in his trash, establishing a clear connection between the murder plan and the crime scene.

Additionally, Jessica Devnani testified against Bender, providing insight into his jealousy, threats, and messages directed at both her and De La Cerda.

Her testimony played a crucial role in establishing a motive for the crime.

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Gregory Bender Verdict and Sentencing:

The jury deliberated extensively, carefully considering the evidence presented during the trial.

Finally, on July 9, 2023, the jury returned with a verdict, Gregory Bender was found guilty of Patrick De La Cerda’s killing.

The judge presiding over the case sentenced Bender to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

The verdict brought a sense of justice and closure to the family and friends of Patrick De La Cerda, who had suffered immense grief and loss due to this senseless act of violence.

The 48 Hours Gregory Bender trial and verdict marked the culmination of a meticulous investigation into the murder of Patrick De La Cerda.

The evidence, including discovering the murder plan notes in Bender’s trash, played a crucial role in securing the conviction.

With the guilty verdict and subsequent sentencing, justice was served for the victim, his loved ones, and the community affected by this tragic event.

Inside Gregory Bender Crime and Investigation

Patrick De La Cerda, a 25-year-old man, was fatally shot four times in an ambush-style attack at his home on February 27, 2018.

Detective Chad Weaver of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office led the investigation and initially considered it a whodunit.

Gregory Bender Trial
Before dating Patrick De La Cerda, Jessica Devnani was in an eight-year relationship with Gregory Bender, a prominent hedge fund manager. Source: CBS News

However, Jessica Devnani, De La Cerda’s fiancée, pointed investigators toward Gregory Bender, her jealous ex-boyfriend, who had been tormenting them for months with threatening messages.

Evidence and Arrest of George Bender 

Detective Weaver gathered crucial evidence when Bender’s ex-wife, Daymara Sanchez, came forward with incriminating information.

She revealed that she had discovered notes in a spiral notebook belonging to Bender that resembled plans for De La Cerda’s murder.

The disclosure gave Weaver probable cause to search Bender’s residence.

Gregory Bender Trial
Patrick De La Cernas’ address, drawings of his home, and instructions on how to approach and escape the premises without being noticed were all included in the thorough murder plot. Source: CBS News

It leads to the recovery of several handwritten pages containing a map of the crime scene and details on how to conceal the crime.

Armed with this evidence, Weaver and his team executed a search warrant at Gregory Bender’s home on February 28, 2018.

Gregory Bender Trial
Investigators discovered many handwritten sheets with a map of the murder location and directions on how to conceal the crime in a garbage can at Gregory Bender’s home. Source: CBS News

Inside the residence, they discovered a balled-up piece of paper with a note instructing someone to turn off cell phones after confirming that the victim was alone.

This crucial piece of evidence further supported the case against Bender.

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