10 Celebs Who Rejected An Oscar & Why?

Celebrities who turned down Oscars! !

Has anyone done this already? The answer to this riddle is, “Yes, many actors throughout history have turned down Oscars.”

The Oscar Awards are one of Hollywood’s most famous star awards.

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Evaluate the performance of every film artist, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesWith 10,000 members, the artist’s name recognition is a testament to his years of dedication and hard work to cinema.

last few years 94th Academy Awards 2022 It seems like it was an incredible treat for all the superstars and viewers.The ceremony will be held on March 27, 2022 at 8pm

The most anticipated event will be broadcast on ABC and will be available for streaming on various apps and TVs.

oscar award ceremony
Past Academy Awards ceremonies (Source: Pinterest)

For many performers, there is no greater honor than having their work nominated for an Academy Award. Many performers aspire to this honor and have dedicated their lives to accomplishing this feat.

While many actors have strived for this incredible achievement, some have declined the Oscar, refused to accept the award, or refused to attend the event.

Here are 10 Hollywood celebrities who declined awards and why.

brief overview

artist name year of denial
Ten. slim shady 2002
9. George C. Scott 1970
8. Katharine Hepburn 1974
7. Paul Newman 1987
6. Peter Toure 2003
Five. Terrence Malick 1998, 2012
4. Jean-Luc Godard
3. Woody Allen 1986, 1997, 2011
2. Elizabeth Taylor 1966
1. Marlon Brando 1979

Ten. slim shady

The king of rap, Eminem, has been wowing fans for years with his amazing raps.

Shocking performance in 2002’s semi-autobiographical film 8 miles That’s good news for his fans.

This is the story of an ambitious rapper who uses a series of freestyle rap tracks to achieve a better life for himself and his family.

He didn’t win an Oscar for acting, but he did best original song for”lose yourself”.

slim shady
Eminem (Source: Pinterest)

His songs topped the charts. However, Eminem did not attend the 75th Academy Awards ceremony.

As such, his producer, Luis Resto, took the trophy on his behalf.

The rapper said in an interview that he didn’t go because He didn’t believe he had a chance of winning.

Interestingly, Eminem said he was asleep when his song won.

9. George Scott

Another celebrity who turned down an Oscar was none other than George C. Scott.

In fact, he was the first actor to decline the award.

In 1970, George C. Scott declined the Best Actor award. Burton He played General George Patton in the World War II movie.

Burton George C. Scott
Burton’s George C. Scott (Source: Pinterest)

Not only did he refuse the award, he publicly mocked it. George believes that actors should not compete with each other.

Furthermore, he described the ceremony as “a two-hour meat parade, a public display of artificial suspense for economic purposes.”

Since Scott declined the event, his producer Frank McCarthy accepted the trophy on Scott’s behalf at the 1971 Academy Awards.

Despite his criticism and insults, the group still hospital following year.

8. Katharine Hepburn

Throughout her career, the famous lead actress has been nominated for 12 Oscar Awards, winning four of them.

Twenty years after her death, she still holds the record for the most Oscar-winning actors.

Although Hepburn never attended the Oscars and accepted an award on stage, she didn’t technically decline the award.

Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn (Source: Pinterest)

she is i don’t like this event, so she didn’t go. But she doesn’t object because she proudly keeps the award in her home in Connecticut.

However, she attended the 1974 Academy Awards ceremony, where she presented the Thalberg Award to producer Lawrence Weingarten.

During the event, Hepburn said, “I’m glad I didn’t hear someone yell, ‘It’s time.’ I’m a living example of people waiting 41 years to be selfless.” ”

Hepburn is still considered one of the most successful actresses of all time.

7. Paul Newman

Film legend Paul Newman had an acting career that spanned 30 years. Between 1961 and his 1982, he received his six Oscar nominations.

Paul attends all awards ceremonies and hopes to win at least one. But each time he was disappointed.

he finally tired of college pranks Then quit and focus entirely on your career instead of working out to prove your success.

Paul Newman
Paul Newman (Source: Pinterest)

Newman eventually said, “The Color of Money” 1987He received six acting nominations and two honorary Oscars.

But he wasn’t there to hear the news. Neumann told the magazine he felt like he had been chasing a beautiful woman for more than 70 years, and when she returned she was exhausted.

Award-winning or not, Paul is still considered one of Hollywood’s top legends for his incredible acting.

6. Peter O’Toole

Eight-time Best Actor nominee Peter O’Toole’s credits include: Lawrence of Arab Venus from 1962 to 2006. However, he never won an award.

Academy Awards committee votes for O’Toole 2003 Oscar Honorable Mentionciting his “extraordinary talent for playing the most iconic roles in the history of cinema”.

Peter O'Toole
Peter O’Toole (Source: New Yorker)

However, O’Toole politely declined the honor.

He wrote to the board telling him he was still active and to wait until he was 80.

The group’s then-president, Frank Pearson, claimed to O’Toole that stars such as Paul Newman and Henry Fonda had won the prestigious Oscar award and continued to do so shortly thereafter.

After receiving a reply, I attended the ceremony and received a medal. He said while accepting the trophy from Meryl Streep.

“My feet are always bridesmaids, never brides. I now have my own Oscar that will stay with me until death do us part.”

Five. Terrence Malick

Malick received his first Best Director nomination for his film The Thin Red Line.

However, he was unable to attend the ceremony as the producer who betrayed him was also scheduled to attend.

Terrence Malick
Terrence Malick (Source: Pinterest)

Malik was also absent from the 2012 Academy Awards for which he was nominated for “Tree of Life,” but missed out on winning.

Despite receiving multiple nominations, The recluse director doesn’t seem interested in honor. He did not attend both ceremonies.

4. Jean-Luc Godard

Godard won the prestigious Academy Award at the end of 2010. However, he did not receive the award.

For months, the university board tried various ways to contact him, but got no response.

Over time, Godard explained why he had not responded to the call from the academy.

Jean-Luc Godard
Jean-Luc Godard (Source: Pinterset)

In an interview, Godard was asked what the Medal of Honor means to him.

“Almost nothing. They can really do whatever they want. But that seems strange. Have they seen any of my movies? Do they really know my movies?” The award is called the Governor’s Award.Does that necessarily mean Arnold Schwarzenegger?”Will you respect me?” ”

In the same interview, he explained that he was unable to attend the ceremony because he did not have a U.S. visa and did not want to apply.

Goddard seemed completely uninterested in the ritual and considered it a waste of time.

3. woody allen

One of the greatest filmmakers and actors of all time, Woody Allen has been nominated for 24 Academy Awards.

Allen has received this honor four times. Most of his Oscar-nominated films Best Original Screenplay Award.

Woody thinks otherwise. His dedication and talent don’t need anyone to recognize him, not even the Oscars can appreciate his achievements.

woody allen
Woody Allen (Source: Pinterest)

Even before he won an Oscar for Annie Hall, Woody Allen was outspoken about why the Oscars meant nothing.

“The very concept of an award is silly. I can’t stand public perception because if you accept it when someone says you deserve it, you should always accept it when someone says you don’t.”

2. Elizabeth Taylor

One of the most talented women of our time Elizabeth Taylor and then-husband Richard Burton were nominated for Academy Awards for their roles in films. Aren’t you scared of Virginia Woolf?

While Taylor and her husband have both enjoyed success, her husband Burton has had many disappointments along the way.

Despite receiving multiple nominations, he was not on the list of Oscar winners.

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor (Source: Pinterest)

So instead of being humiliated for the seventh time in front of his friends, he convinced Taylor to take a vacation to Paris.

Burton lost again at the 1966 Academy Awards, but Elizabeth Taylor won Best Actress.

In a show of solidarity, Taylor declined the award, didn’t attend the ceremony, and stood firm with the Academy.

1. Marlon Brando

This man, who made offers no one could turn down, once turned down one of cinema’s highest honors.

Marlon Brando turned down the Best Actor Oscar for playing Vito Corleone in Vito Corleone.godfather5 March 1973.

On the eve of the 45th Academy Awards, Brando revealed that he planned to boycott the ceremony because he knew he would win Best Actor for his role.

instead of malone Native American activist Sachen Littlefeather takes the stage When the brand is officially declared the winner.

She was booed when she read Brando’s speech against the abuse of Native Americans in the film.

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando (Source: Pinterest)

Instead of thanking everyone like most Oscar winners, director Sachin Littlefisser kept showing us a mirror of how negatively Hollywood treats Native Americans.

Brand declined for the above reasons, thinking it was ridiculous to award an art award.

Marlon Brando didn’t think acting was anything special. He considers it a form of deception, and while he loves acting, he considers the spirit of the industry to be selfish and unnatural.

The conclusion is

We’ve listed just the 10 most notable people who have declined an Oscar award.

But some legends didn’t campaign to show off their achievements and successes.

Oscar may be the one who determines a person’s level of achievement, but these people may not be aware of the need.

They are still regarded as one of the greatest and most iconic figures in the entertainment industry.

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